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Birthday Bin / Registry

Why birthday bins are big wins - for everyone. 

A birthday "registry" sounds very, well, foo-foo. Presumptuous. Pretentious. Hoity Toity. And other words best reserved for children of rock stars and celebrities.

However, creating a Birthday Bin for your child is AMAZING. Why?

  • Your child can have a ton of fun filling a bin with items s/he likes - but you retain veto rights.
  • Parents of your child's party guests have confidence in knowing the gift they select is something your child is eager to receive AND has been approved by you. 
  • No more duplicate gifts.
  • ​Your child's box is posted on our website. So guests or out-of-town family can call the store or email us to have a gift wrapped from your child's box in advance of pick-up.

Still not sure?

The number one question we're asked in our store is, "Does my child's friend have a birthday bin?" And when the answer is, "Yes!" there is dancing and celebrating. When the answer is, "No, we're sorry..." there are slumped shoulders, loud, audible sighs, occasional misty eyes, and we think one time gnashing of teeth. We're here to help them find a great gift, of course, but isn’t it better to buy a gift you know the birthday child wants?

So stop in a couple of weeks before your child's birthday and we'll help you put together a birthday bin. It's fun, easy, and may save you from an extra visit to our store for gift returns after the big event. (Not that we wouldn't like seeing you again)
You can now create your Birthday bin at our online store. Create a login, then select items and put in your bin!
- The Toyrifix Toy Team!