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About Us

Toyrifix opened in the fall of 1989 and has become a favorite destination for local and out-of-town visitors. We’ve lost track of the number of people who come in and say, “Wow…this is the coolest toy store I’ve ever seen”. If it were a seven year old saying this, we’d probably chalk it up to childish exuberance. When it’s the forty-five year old parent of the child, we know we’re on to something

What will you find at Toyrifix? Good Question. We sell a handpicked selection of toys for all ages, from a wide range of manufacturers. We believe that good toys come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Our customers represent a wide spectrum of parenting philosophies, and so do our products. We love that imagination doesn’t run on batteries, but we also know that sometimes a couple of batteries can elevate a toy to a whole new level of fun. When we are evaluating toys, we look for things that inspire creative interactions – between kids and the toy, between kids and kids, between kids and their favorite grown-ups. Or all of the above.

And at Toyrifix, toys and games live outside of their boxes and children (of all ages) are encouraged to explore and play. Test drive a Flying Turtle or Plasma Car. Whip up a gourmet dinner in our play kitchen. Learn a new game at our game zone counter. We love it when families come and stay a while to laugh, play and simply enjoy being together.

And customers aren’t the only ones encouraged to play. Our staff is paid to play which makes them toy experts, ready to help you find the perfect birthday gift, the hit present at the baby shower or just the right “little something” surprise to take home.

We hope you will pay us a visit soon!